Once the first spindle is turned, the challenge is to turn a matching second one. The cup and base are a slightly easier challenge turned to matching dimensions and fitted to the top of the candlestick using a tenon. The tops were fitted with metal candlestick holders to act as a safety fire break and hold the candle perfectly upright and stable....can't be too careful even when a 10 cm wide candle is fitted

Time to hand them over to the client for finishing to their tastes,  I'll hopefully be able to post a photo of them in due course.

Giant Fireside Candlesticks

The finished article, first sprayed with cellulose primer then a coat of burgundy and finished by sponging acrylic gold paint. Ready for their new home in France either side of the fireplace.

Given a photograph and approximate dimensions to work to I was commissioned to make a matching pair of fireside candlestick approximately 1 meter high. The intention was for the candlesticks ultimately to be painted.

Due to the size of the candlestick, the best way to tackle the project was to laminate sheet construction pine.

I cut the timber down and trued up the faces on the planer / thicknesser before gluing and lashing the blanks together.

Turning of the stems.......5 black bags of shavings later.