Heather and Chris's Contemporary Cherry Occasional Table

The finished assembled table in dappled evening sunlight. I'm pleased with the final profile. It is as visualised in the initial sketch. The picture on the right clearly shows the line where the ornamental Cherry was grafted onto the root stock.

The table has been made in such a way that it can be disassembled if necessary for future refinishing or polishing. I hope Heather, Chris and their family get years of pleasure from their keepsake from their once glorious Cherry Tree.

All looking good, the wood has seasoned well and turns nicely, the challenge now is to turn 11 discs, each 50mm deep ranging from 13cm to 37cm, the hard bit is making sure they're perfectly flat so when stacked they lie perfectly level.

Chris and Heather have a passion for "all things wood", they wanted to make something of an ornamental cherry tree stump that had been removed from their front garden. The stump appeared to be sound, we'd just need to see how it seasoned after being planked.

After checking for any foreign bodies (metal) in the wood, Steve cut the stump into 6cm thick planks which were stacked separated by pegs for two years. The stump was approximately 60cm across and 40cm high with a wonderfully defined graft line adding character to the sawn surfaces.

Then to design.....I came up with a dozen or so ideas which I presented to Chris and Heather and was pleased to say (without any prompting on my part) that they chose the design I favoured. The idea was to make a table using stacked turned discs of Cherry, cantilevered to look like an improbable structure.

All disks turned, sanded and finished with several coats of Danish Oil.

Holes for the M8 threaded rod are positioned simply using the screw chuck centre hole and a ruler to set the holes 30mm and 100mm from the edge. Careful drilling ensures the 'spine' of the table stands exactly vertical.